Monday, 1 January 2018

Icebreakers that Give You Something

I have just done a leadership course and, in it, they talk about icebreakers. The Adjective Game or The Name Game is one of them. In going after more details about the game online, I got an entire site about icebreakers, so that this site is a fortune for any teacher who likes being called Educator. See:

The Adjective Game can give us something when it comes to Psychology. Some professionals would like to know what people are associated with in their minds or in the mind of others in order to be able to use that information to force others to buy things. As educators, we could be interested in learning what type of things are connected to each one of our students by others, so how they currently come across, or by themselves, so how they see themselves or how they would like to be seen. That is important information because we can use that to make the student apply themselves more to our discipline, but we could also be using things to increase and improve current associations, so say the student introduced themselves as Lazy Louis. We now know that we must push them beyond the usual because they are used to give less than what they can give on each task they take. This game brings valuable information about the psyche of our students. 

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