Friday, 15 December 2017

We Are Not Ourselves? uses the fame and success, as well as charisma, of Jim Carrey, something attained through his capacity of making people laugh, and therefore go through extreme tension followed by lose relaxation, as in sex, gym, and so many other things humans believe give them pleasure, to spread the concept that we are not our bodies. 

Remarkable is the sentence that implies that we are not a body with a consciousness, but a consciousness in the shape of a body. 

It is very easy for the winner, the person who does not suffer any sort of abuse or crime, to turn to the oppressed and say that they should not care about the money that has just been stolen from them, that they should not care about the piece of their bodies that has just been destroyed by another person, because they are not their bodies: They are essence. 

That is hypocrisy to the levels only seen in the Catholic Inquisition. 

We are our bodies, but we are also our consciousness, and all else we put together with the entity that represents our individuality, and that is what I decided to call, in my research, Human Persona. 

Human Persona is the solution to all your confusion, basically created by videos like this. 

Please read right now to heal yourself from the malign effects of this video if you watched it. 

I would call this detachment achieved via Shared Ego processes: We become their words, our Inner Reality is a reflection of the internalisation of their thinking, and we lose all that matters to us whilst on earth. 

This is the same process we go through when being induced to suicide, such as in terrorist bombing. 

Armed forces personnel would know a lot about it, since, in the WWII, the Japanese are told to have performed manoeuvres with their planes that were doomed to kill them: They stop having their ego to share the ego of the oppressor.

One would say that we cannot have armed forces otherwise. 

It may be a necessary process, but I just wished those who go through it really understood all that is involved before they do it. 

If we were less hypocritical, videos like this would be summarised in one sentence: Give me what is yours because you are a lesser, idiot! 

That ends up being the same as the oppression-type events from the Medieval Times, things like the soldier coming on his horse to collect taxes, arbitrary values from people who clearly don't even have what to eat... 

There should be some sort of permanent organisation to watch over people's rights, especially human rights, and therefore suppress the exhibition of things like this: I suggest random groups of citizens, collected amongst those who have a good level of understanding of things, groups that change each, and every, time, as best strategy. 

Censorship is not only important: It is fundamental. 

The reason however is not stopping free expression, but protecting our minds, our spirits, our Human Persona from unwanted and unperceived harm, such as subliminal. 

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