Friday, 1 December 2017

How to Get What We Want from People

All these hints came from

1)Copy their body moves, facial expressions, and all else. With time, they will start copying yours. It is instinctive. Chameleon Effect.
2)Do them a favour. Reciprocity: Scratch my back, I will scratch yours. That is what friends do (never say it is nothing or things to that effect). Say something persuasive. Of course, that is what partners do for each other. 
3)Priming them. Words, environment, particular representations, and others activate a non-conscious form of human memory. A man in front of a flower shop gets more success in his courtship. 
4)Ask for something small, get it, then ask for something big. Either that or ask for something very big, outrageous, then, upon rejection, ask for something reasonable, and that is what you actually wanted. Contrast Principle. Social Responsibility. 
5)Use nouns instead of verbs. Groups, inclusion. How important is to you to be a voter in tomorrow's election? (emphasis on voter, noun) How important is to you voting tomorrow? (emphasis on the verb) Noun includes group identity. 
6)I will give you my car for 40,000 dollars. Emphasis is on giving, a verb seen as good or favourable. The seller offers refrigerator for 160. People go more with the word offer, focus on what they are going to gain. 
7)Online: Change my view. Most successful people use evidence to back up their point: statistics, numbers, and examples. That is and i.e. or links also play a big role. 
8)Eye contact: Triangle on face. Fixate on one eye, then the other, then the mouth. 5 seconds each. They will think you are really listening, comfortable. 
9)Telepathy: Silver Tube. Believe for real it will work. Quiet mind, meditating. Face to face, visualise receiver. Image to send, fixate on silver tube. Receiver also fixates on silver tube. 
10)Smiling: It is not about being happy, but about getting them to copy you. Smiling makes us feel better, so that it is not that we smile because we feel good instead. 

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