Sunday, 1 January 2017

Technological Fruits?

Fruit brings images you won't believe: cubic watermelons, mangoes that are egg-shaped, gigantic apples, gigantic grapes, Buddha-shaped pears (oh, yeah!), sweetest mandarin ever (they call it orange), pineapples that cost thousands of dollars, most perfect strawberries (about 85 dollars for a dozen), and things like that. This is for those who did not believe Science and creativity would someday come together to bring us fruits that would cost the same as jewelry. The most interesting item is perhaps the art on banana (thousands of dollars for each one). It says that it gets destroyed in about 2 weeks, so that it is very interesting indeed that people would pay to have that. They say that some people buy the cubic watermelon just to have it at home, like as another decorative item, believe it or not. A good quantity of these things is coming from Japan, apparently. 

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