Sunday, 1 January 2017

Eat Honey = Eat Vomit?

I was eating honey today, and, following the same path that I followed when theorizing that banana in excess was harmful, what I saw later on proved in Science, like all during my martyrdom, I theorized that it would have to be one in three things: vomit, pee or poo. That because these are all the things we know come out of our bodies and the animals seem to have that in common. Based on the fact that they collect pollen through the front of their heads, and from there we see the honey coming, it could only be vomit. I was then left with the impression that the bee gets the pollen, shovels in, mashes, and then regurgitates, this probably to feed the Queen and the little kids of the colony, which is why we have all those holes, like everything super organized so that every kid gets a bowl or something. It is then pretty sad, like all involved: We would be basically stealing milk from kids, and obliging the poor labourers to collect more pollen than they would normally collect, what may, I don't know, kill them of exhaustion. It is all really bad, to be sincere. The worst part of all was realizing that we eat vomit. In this case, it should not be really healthy. Besides, we can simply consume the pollen ourselves and then cook the bees and have them together, if, say, their digestive enzymes are important. Men in science tells us that they are not really eating when they get pollen and that is why it would not be the same as our vomit, like, with us, our stomachs would be waiting for the food to come in, but not with them. I was then left with the impression that they don't eat. Since that is absurd, they must eat as they regurgitate, what means they regurgitate only part of what they eat. They must have performed scientific observations however in order to declare that their stomach is not expecting anything when they collect pollen, right? I will bother. Just a moment. Oh, well, amazing is how confusing Science may be when people don't really worry much about what they do. HoneyI and Honey2 seem to completely disagree with the other source: Bees do eat pollen. To make it worse, they pass the thing to the other bee's tongue and that is when it will become honey. I don't know, but not only do I think that we should kill the bee, cook, and eat the pollen with it to extract the same nutritional value, I also think that it is a cruelty of no dimension stealing their honey and the other elements. We kill the poor thing and she does not have to do it again, basically. On the other hand, it is one bee less, therefore less food needed from what they have already produced/cooked. I don't know, we seem to be too irresponsible and negligent in general with all we do. Just like with the banana, which was something my father, General Braganca, loved, the excess of honey seems to be harmful, but I don't see much about it. Eating vomit would have to not be that good, and, quite sincerely, we can make our own digestion, like we don't need the bees to start the process in our place (it did sound sexual to me too at this stage, like don't get started or something...).  

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