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Psychopathy as a Disease

Today I think I have gone to the bottom of psychopathy. A few years ago I wrote to a few fellow-researchers to seek collaboration through offering my martyrdom as a piece of study: So many psychopaths attacked me at the same time in so many ways, and for so long... . I just thought that we could study what was perhaps a just-found phenomenon: Group Psychopathy. 

I concluded, after spending long time performing Socratic Brainstorming, that the psychopath does not see themselves as an individual unit: They live life via absorption. Whatever they can get from the life of the other in whatever way is what they will become: breach of privacy via reading their e-mails, listening over, sentences accidentally uttered by the victim that they take to be a rule and therefore keep as a dogma inside of their minds (feeling is power), etc. They will either change it all to evil or do nothing, so that the only thing that moves them is evil. A person says, accidentally, in their e-mail to somebody, I think Maria wants to kill Pedro. The psychopath then kills Pedro, immediately including the possible feelings of Maria inn their Inner Reality. People go, investigate, and actually blame Maria for the death of Pedro. Now the psychopath got all they wanted from it: They did nothing. Who did was either Maria or the person who said that that is what she wanted. Who felt hate and will of doing evil was Maria or the person who wrote the e-mail, not the psychopath themselves. 

With this, we all become part of the psychopath in their own understanding of this world: whatever we express, one way or another, becomes them, but them in the way we seem them as them, in the Outer Reality, not them in the way they see themselves, since they do no evil, think no evil, etc. It is as if they spent their lives being brainwashed with doing good but always wanted to do evil instead, so that they need this sort of displacement to find life bearable. 

A person is temporarily depressed and confused, as I was when I spoke to the devil itself, Trevor Skinner, in that end of 2001. They then say, it would be good if they had a biotech to fix mental illness. If I am as schizo as Sever, and we prove that I cannot learn either, cannot progress in reasoning if that is something I never ever heard, then we could bug me and fix all. The person obviously never meant it, it was just a moment. The psychopath, however, will make sure that even if there is an infinite number of pieces of evidence in the opposite direction, the person is told not to be able to learn, to progress in reasoning if that is something they never ever heard, so that the psychopath will repeat what the own person told them, but that will not necessarily be the truth of the person as they are attacked via biotech. The psychopath will then spend as long as they like destroying their previously perfect brain, and will still say, just like in the best movies about them, now it is fixed. 

The psychopath then may have a normal superego, but they suffer from displaced ID and their ego becomes extended to fit whatever can be changed into evil that comes from their victims. Their superego may be normal, but it will not work in those situations because who is doing is always the other, who is planning and thinking is always the other: The person who made them know, even if it was via hacking, that Maria wanted to kill Pedro, is the one who planned it all. Perhaps we can see that in their other e-mails: a clue here, a clue there, all carefully collected by the psychopath in order for us to have what will definitely look like a very ordered sequence of steps. The own person who wrote the e-mail, however, will never understand how we could put those things together and reach that sequence of reasoning. If we think that our own superego can stop the evil action of others, then the psychopath does not have a superego when what is in the plate is an evil action: They will always do it, and will do it to the end. Perhaps we could also say that during the psychopathic actions their essence inhabits the body of another person, a person that they themselves created using their own tools, and this person does not have a superego, but they only become that person when evil actions come to their mind. This person that they become also has all those selected pieces of e-mails, overheard conversations, dogmas, and others in their Inner Reality, and just that. During what we could easily call demoniac set of actions, therefore, either the psychopath is someone else, and therefore suffers from elimination of the own psyche and adoption of an alien one, a virtual and alien one, or they are themselves and, if their superego can be represented by a physical object, and a non-psychopath's superego also can, we can say that theirs is a smaller object, in terms of volume, since some pieces would have to be missing, the pieces that usually deal, let's say, with demoniac inclinations. 

This personality displacement probably originated in the will of pleasing upbringers (my term) and their natural inner program, that of doing evil whenever possible. The upbringer was probably a very nice person, as for what they see in their Inner Reality. They want to please them, so that they are cute inside of themselves, like what they see in their Inner Reality, as a figure representing themselves, is a holy person. What they do is monstrous and whoever really sees them as they are, from the perspective of the World of God, will think they are Chucky, basically. 

They all suffer from sudden change of facial expression, I further observe. Some will laugh in an uncontrollable way and out of nothing that anyone else will think is that funny. Different from the schizoid, however, there will be some acceptable motivating factor, so say a joke. Some will receive an oral discourse token and will seem to take it softly, kindly, but, all of a sudden, as soon as the other relaxes (that to speak) and trusts it is all OK with them, they will change their face and, for instance, open their eyes a lot more, speak louder, and show absolute disagreement, sometimes saying things very emphatically. Some will have behavior that changes with a certain frequency toward the unwarned, so say they will not say hi every second day, but on the other days they will always say hi. There is realistically no reason that a normal person can find performing normal observation: They just decided to treat the person differently, as for all they can think of. Some will show too much excitement with the presence of the person (victim), abnormal. The person may find that extraordinary, like they never felt so good, so welcome. The problem is that there is no rational reason that the victim can see for that so special treatment, basically. And they may meet the psychopath in an unplanned manner and have them not doing the same, but changing facial expression all of a sudden, trying to repeat even so, even without having the same spirit that the other saw in them when things were somehow planned. They may spend time absent from the surroundings, so that some will be found as if they are not there, so say contemplating the horizon. The schizoid will usually bounce their bodies when doing that, but the psychopath will remain mostly still, so say they will be with their legs crossed, their hand under their chin, and will be quiet there, observing, this as if there is nothing and nobody else in their environment. It will take a while for them to come back, let's say. Perhaps the victim will have to talk to them a few times, say three, etc. Lots of them speak without looking at the face of the person who is supposed to be hearing them for a long time. Sometimes they turn their faces to the front by the end of an oral discourse token, like they then start looking at the horizon, deviate from the eyes/face of the person who they are supposed to be speaking to. People who are normal usually go to the end of their oral tokens in the same way they started, so say starring inside of the eye of the listener. It is as if they detach from the other before their mouths started emitting sounds to complete their reasoning. Some will say things like, you know how it is like, as they turn to the front and basically detach. During those moments, they seem to feel in the same way, like invariably. A normal person will have change in feelings, however, like, if they do that normally, say turn to the front on each end of speech, they may continue laughing if they were laughing or crying if they are crying, but the psychopath will always enter the same mood by the end, when they detach. 

It is very hard to tell how they can cope with the normal demands of a job, but it seems that all of them fail badly quite a few times, so, if you go and investigate, you will find out, for instance, that, if they work as a secretary, and what they mostly do is typing things, they won't be able to type one paragraph without a mistake by the time of retirement. They won't be able to say basic things about their professional sector, like everyone who knows a little about their trade will be in shock after trying to speak to them about basic things. If they are civil engineers, they may say that the structure is irrelevant. If they are water engineers, they may say that filtration resumes to collecting impurities that are solid. If they work with IT and specialize in Novell, they may say that it is impossible to put the directory of the individuals in private mode in a group. 

There is a chance that they always bother about everyone that is around, since I observed that in at least a few, just not sure about the totality. They seem to always keep the same amount of awareness of things and people, like normal people have awareness down when they drink alcohol, for instance. They seem to always do the same things. If their man arrives and someone is with them, they will usually provide an explanation for their behavior as soon as they can (without the other asking), so they will usually express themselves orally in a rational way: He is always like that, Marcia, arrives and kisses me. Normal people take that to be part of life and simply get involved in the hug or kiss in a way to show connection. They seem to always keep control of all. Their rationality seems to be always to the same level even immediately after sex, also usually their awareness and alertness. Some will talk and move during their sleep. Those will be the worst cases. Some will sleep in the way they exist during the day, so say with the cigarette on, without relaxing their bodies, etc. This last observation came from a single subject. As I keep on thinking, Freud also drew many conclusions from observing only one individual, and I think he was the greatest, so that there is actually a good chance this is true for the totality of them. 

All of them seem to have the impression that they are highly useful, but, as far as their Outer World is concerned, everyone thinks that they are quite useless instead (so, once more, Inner Reality shows a really nice person, but Outer Reality shows precisely the opposite). Everyone sees them irritated with doing the smallest thing for others, especially for their victims. It is common that they choose the only instances of possible positive contribution to their victim's lives to injure them to maximum. Sometimes it is their only graduation ceremony, they never had one. They have two spots. One is offered to them. They got assigned recording all, and just that. They arrive one hour later, when the event is already happening, and they don't record. For them it is all normal, they don't even apologize. It is also common that they use the home of their chosen victims (without their consent) as their own home and even offer it to others. With this, you would know you are a chosen victim and the person is a psychopath. Their acts may go from really small things, like just this, to actual slavery, brainwashing, torture, castration, and all else for even decades, which is then why knowing these signs can save our lives, provided there is something we can do to keep them away from basically any trace of information about us. Their investigative capabilities seem to be beyond imaginable, like it suffices that they get a clue, so say they found a website where the person is, and they will, for instance, be there next day or send their friends in the case of Group Psychopathy. 

Here you see an interview with a true psychopath,someone who now admits having killed several women. I think you can see at least the repetitions of head and facial moves on each end of speech as well as the unaltered tone of voice: Killer

Here we have a little girl with their behavior: Girl
I think we can see the regular tone and the endings as well. The most remarkable difference between the mother speaking (non-psycho, victim) and the girl is maybe that the mother changes her facial expressions as to show to us that she is scared, in pain, and things like that. The psychopath seems to have a frozen face in terms of feelings, like they seem to have only one mode in terms of feelings. I am looking for collaboration here, so please share your thoughts. 

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