Sunday, 16 October 2016

Gestalt Patches

Today I finally envisaged a solution to a problem that I would  never think would be solved during my life term. All that I had to do was pretending to be a person who I thought I knew in 2001, someone who should always have defended my human rights with all his forces, but who I was seeing as a main aggressor for several years instead. I personified that person and wrote as if I were my idea of him, if you can understand that. This is obviously what we do in Gestalt anyway: The person is not there, and we then pretend we know them by acting as if we were them. In the end it is the same technique, but, with Gestalt, so far, we say that the person has to go back to the past, and that is the best use of doing that. I always hated that and saw little or no use in the thing about going back to the past. I have however managed to solve the biggest problem in humans so far, as for all I can see, since the WWII by simply employing this technique: We assume what we believe is the personality of the other person, as for what we hoped that they were, like it may be the case that they now seem to be the opposite, but we stick to our idea before the change and assume their personality, playing their role. We then write about us as if we were them, like what we believe they were in our Inner Reality before the change. As we do that, our mind will think more properly and things will unblock, believe it or not, so that this is a technique to be used when we get traumatized with the choices of others, when we think we knew our government, authorities, acquaintances, relatives, but all seems to be precisely the opposite to all we imagined. By doing this, we will recover our normal thinking capabilities, and that is what will give us the solutions we couldn't see before. I swear it works, not so sure I am explaining it well. 

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