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PTSD: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD brings something about crimes committed by veterans that have PTSD. 

Members of this group of humans sometimes murder entire families. 

Killed is about a veteran who killed his girlfriend.

This homicide has been blamed on PTSD. 

Killed 2 brings another case.

OK people brings what we expect to hear about mental illness: That is just an illness, and therefore it should not bring loss to society, but only to the person, and, if the person is treated, and therefore medicated, nothing major should happen. 

This same site says 

First, we need to remember that PTSD is an injury—both emotional and physical. While it is listed as a mental illness, it is the only one listed in the DSM (Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders) as being caused by an external cause. Second, PTSD is caused when a person is exposed to a catastrophic event (or series of events over time) involving real or threatened death or injury to themselves or others. During exposure to that trauma, one experiences intense fear, feelings of helplessness, or horror.
Simply put, PTSD is “fear” based, not “aggression” based. The DSM-V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) is clear.In brief, the primary features of the this illness are:

· flashbacks
· withdrawal
· numbing
· hyperarousal
· and isolation

Violence is not included except as a part of "hyperarousal." While, anger and agitation are common symptoms of PTSD, these feelings tend to be turned inward, contributing to making it the terribly painful disorder it is. Combined with depression, it is not unusual for the sufferer to become suicidal. But a diagnosis of PTSD, in itself, does not make a person violent towards others. 

Hyperarousal means at least   

Physical symptoms may include an increased heart rate and pulse, faster breathing, feeling “on edge” with faster reflexes, heightened alertness, heightened sensitivity to stimuli (jumping at sudden noises). Sometimes there is sweating and a feeling of warmth all over or just in the head and neck. Sometimes there’s also a feeling of coldness especially in the hands and feet

according to Hyper, so that the person may react more instinctively during these times, what obviously may mean that something in their Extended ID gets started and they kill.

It is possible that things get added to the ID of the person and also that things get subtracted from the SUPEREGO of the person during a war or any other abnormal experience, like even the preparation for the war. 

In this case, we would be talking about the Extended ID and the Superego, and perhaps about artificial and intentional extensions.

Psyche brings something about it.

Trying to build a theory about it, these men would have been subjected to Pavlovian methods of conditioning. 

Perhaps one of them has been conditioned to act upon hearing a particular noise. 

That is like a dog. 

I myself have been conditioned to absolutely always, under any circumstances, do the rightest thing as possible in terms of the law, welfare of others, and of human kind in general, and this since little. 

One of the members of this group of interest has killed his girlfriend after he came back from a war, and the woman refused to see him when she had nothing to do, so that this has happened when she presented a lame excuse not to see him. 

That is like me and B in that apartment in Collingwood: I worked so hard, I made so much effort, and all in a very different culture, however way more similar to my personal culture than the original culture was, all using a different language, to achieve the highest that I could, since I am extremely ambitious and I love Science; I adore what I did. 

I did so much to serve to best everyone, even dealing with Islamic people, and therefore violators of human rights, monsters, if they are men, and I worked so much compared to everyone else around me, to then get home to a man who refused to kiss or hug me every second day, and still scratched the walls at night, 2AM, to get out of the apartment without me being able to do a thing, and then do God knows what and with whom, plus a man who still had poisoned my alcohol with drugs at least once, episode never admitted or explained by him. 

I did feel like killing him, and I don't think that God or anyone who is fair would put reason, logic or fairness to his side instead of mine, just like with this man: It is our partner, the person who claims to be with us with exclusivity, especially sexually, and they are healthy, OK in age, and all. 

All this that we are here talking about is obviously one of the most basic necessities of humans. 

The guy goes to jail, and I am in full slavery enduring the worst world atrocities 24/7 for more than fourteen years, perhaps a bit lighter in the beginning, up to 2005. 


The guy has PTSD, has been to war, and was obviously faithful, therefore romantic. 

I cannot or should not react to what B was doing to me, this already in 2001? 

I ask everyone to help me fight him, split from him, have justice, compensation, etc., I never get help, and, when I finally get it, and succeed in moving and all, when I am finally getting a much better man, I am attacked in massacre by a ton of VACAS from first and last world, even female and male VACAS, so that I am forced to B again, and again, and again, now being fourteen plus years of atrocities to force me to him in First World Democracy instead of precisely the opposite, if anything? 

There had to be a limit! 

I do know that the honest courts of both Australia and Brazil would support me if I killed any of the violators of my human rights, including the worst one, who would have to be B, but I also know that I am attacked mostly because of the levels of corruption and immorality of the own authorities as well, so that I don't feel secure to kill anyone, even though that would ALSO solve my problem. 

I can think most of the time with clarity despite what I endure because I have not been conditioned to kill, rather the opposite: My conditioning has to do with self-punishment, sublimation, romance and eternal love, this in all situations, so that it is way more likely that I go for tranquilizers and psychologists than I act upon my desires and what would actually even save my life, organism, and career (by the way, not only mines) all these years. The man has obviously been conditioned to act in precisely the opposite direction, and kill upon facing the slightest risk. 

I am now thinking that we are entitled to a debriefing, if that makes sense, every time there is a mandatory process of conditioning, so say something added not necessarily according to our will, to our ID. 

These men were entitled to be de-conditioned, and I fear we have not studied not even the most basic of the psychological processes we already know exist. 

If society did not want me to be faithful, compliant, romantic, and, to be sincere, as for the last three, I think I am absolutely sure that they did not want, an achiever, the best at work everywhere I went, in whatever I did, as I am sure I was in IT, Management, research, and all I worked with as a main thing until that end of 2001, and even during the period at least sometimes, then they should have at least de-conditioned me. 

Notwithstanding, I do believe I had the rights to be who I was, and I wanted to be nobody else. 

I also believe the nation had absolute obligation of guaranteeing my body integrity, more than anything else, but also my property, freedom, and privacy rights, this both in Australia and Brazil. 

I think I am sure we become eternally responsible for all we do to others if we are adults enough to be fined, and we really should stop doing so much to other people and not being made aware of our responsibility to the needed extent. 

I would not get to the point of saying that this guy had the rights to kill his girlfriend, but I do think that he should pay less, much less, than anyone else, so say at least half of the penalty in discount. 

I also think that the judge should order the armed forces to basically de-condition him instead of putting him to psychiatry. 

Besides, I think there should be a lot of work in terms of brainwashing people through every resource we have in the direction of responsibility, especially for emotions, expectations, and all of this nature that we can create in others: We should be made very aware of the impact of words and actions and also very aware of the responsibility of not letting the other down in any sense once the commitment is made (verbal, written or even implied, just like it is with any contract). 

By the way, the brainwashing we see nowadays goes precisely in the opposite direction (anyone watching Kiss, Bang, and Love? What about 7 years of whatever? You can only be joking!). 

The person says to us that they are faithful, then they are indeed responsible for their promises, and, just like in the commercial agreement, they should be subjected to prosecution, legal responsibility, and others, but, more than anything else, they should be conditioned to feel maximum guilt, maximum obligation of not breaching that item of their agreement with the other. 

I would like to add a penalty to the family of the murdered woman, believe it or not: That they learned how to teach responsibility, and that they raised nobody after that date, but lived to teach others how to teach responsibility, especially for other people's welfare, feelings, etc. 

There had to be a limit! 

I did try B's family with no success, on top of all else. 

Three members of his family attacked me all these years minus a few together with him, to make it all worse. 

His brother, S, was a union leader, and apparently put all his lower associates to guarantee that I would not have a fighting chance against B and The Brazilians since that end of 2001 instead of helping me, believe it or not (it started with windows cleaners, this at VUT, after I tried to get justice through support services, or after I tried to at least find ways to defend myself and win, and today, for instance, I have builders around once more, like every day of the week, saying stuff to me and all: Australia and Brazil are not Islamic places. This is just an impression!

If you notice that only prostitutes and lesbians ever succeed with no problems in their profession, then... 

My grandmother could never divorce my grandfather and he almost killed her with tuberculosis that he got from a prostitute in one of the occasions that he went to live at her house whilst his entire family, with little kids, was left behind. 

My mother took more than twenty years to get legal divorce from my father and Child Support, and some of my relatives attacked me all these years on the hope of getting my interdiction through the Brazilian law and the army money that goes through my father's death, passes by my deceased mother (who they obviously then planned to kill), and gets to me if I am legally single. 

That would be a few thousands per month. 

I am attacked with atrocities since I denounced ALSO those relatives to Trevor in that end of 2001. 

JC, who was an American citizen back then, but was CARIOCA (born in Rio) originally (and therefore, as I keep on saying, a marginal by default) was reminded, thanks to Trevor's treason, that he is my legal brother (legally adopted by mum), and he then made a deal with my siblings in order to get ALSO part of that money after they succeeded in basically making me look like an idiot, and dragging me criminally to Brazil).

And, by the way, if half of the efforts of the VUT academics were spent to tell me the truth about what they knew regarding B's behavior, especially sexual, instead of trying to force me to get out of VUT during work hours or have sex with one of them, I would have seen in them what I should, which was fellows and friends, family, and I then would understand what was going on. 

If they then offered help, so that I could get rid of B, and therefore if they supported my choice, of being faithful at any expense, of having romantic sex, and therefore of having a male like myself with me, they would have saved the entire world, my career, and our relationship there, as a work group. 

This world lacks guidance, and proper guidance. 

It also lacks investment in the right things. 

All governmental resources are used to label these men as mentally ill and change them into completely useless and harmful to society and themselves as well as to destroy my perfect head, body, career, and life, now for more than fourteen years in a row with all intentions on earth and without giving any of us any chance. 

If half of these resources were used to do what I say, the entire world and human kind as a whole would say thank you every day, I reckon. Why me? Why them? Why do you do what you do to whom you do?

My grandfather never paid for anything that he did, and he still died with my grandmother appearing as his wife, as if he were respected and loved when he died from TB that he got from the prostitute. 

My father died assassinated by my brother, N, with all intention on earth, as I keep on saying, and as I said already to Trevor in that end of 2001, on the hope that his age and situation would make him put an urgency in getting my brother punished. 

My father was already old when he died, about 60 yo. 

This was not punishment for being unfaithful or letting his kids or wife down in a really repulsive way or for traumatizing us and others, and this was also not punishment for his family, which raised him to be what he was. 

N has not suffered a scratch as far as I know and is still responsible ALSO for finishing with me and mum in the last fourteen years plus, perhaps in the same way he is responsible for finishing with J, as I ALSO reported to Trevor back then. 

B is getting away with all all these extra years, this time with infinitely worse crime against me, Australia, and human kind. 

The man's girlfriend died, and he did pay the price for doing what he did to others. 

Her family did not pay the price for raising her like that or society. 

We need to understand that this is a horrible crime: Playing with the sexuality of others, playing with the feelings of others, and acting in such a selfish and uncaring way. 

Besides, it is all so evident and persistent that it hurts all the time: I will bet that B would still declare to me and to others, if ever confronted now, that he was faithful and completely heterosexual, very unfortunately, so that justice happens in no level, but I, who never wanted to spend a second with any relative, Brazilian or B (like if I ever knew who they REALLY were and had a choice, no second would I have spent with any of them), taking away my mother, father, grandmother, and at most R during those two years of undergraduate, lost my perfect life, career, age, body, and all else throughout a martyrdom that now lasts for more than fourteen years in First World Democracy without ever having a moral fault or a sin that I committed. 

How can this be? 

My grandmother was a saint, and I at least will die saying that she was such. 

My mother was even a Mary's Daughter, so clean she was, and she either has already died from suffering crime as a derivation of the crimes that I suffer, but, also, as I explained in other posts, from crime she always suffered because of the relatives and others, mainly just because she lived in Brazil, or she will still die without not even a good partner ever having been given to her, so sad this all is. 

I was the only kid she had who always loved and supported her and the only reason for her to be proud, for I caused no trouble and did nothing wrong in life, like absolutely nobody could honestly have a complaint against me, and my perfection, which cost her own life, my father's, and my grandmother's life, has been destroyed because of basically BPN, who is not from Brazil, but from Australia. 

He remains unpunished. 

I feel nothing but joy, I confess, with the fact that at least this woman got killed. 

I really don't understand pity on this woman or on any slut that is around, male or female: We deserve respect ALSO in our intimacy and in what regards our specific sexual and romantic requirements. 

Those who work the most, who least cheat on the rules to win, are those for whom sexual and romantic services could never be less than perfect, in my humblest, for they move the world, they help human kind for real. 

I would have, on my own, more than 800 papers and 200 books, already in 2010, if never attacked, as I keep on saying. 

You will find nobody else in human history who could have my value in Science in terms of both amount and importance. 

Perhaps only in terms of importance, the founders. 

Nothing of that will happen anymore because of the crimes of these monsters. Have they attacked only me or the entire human kind all these years? If the answer is obvious, and I do think it is, then we really need to change ALSO the ways we deal with this PTSD, for God's sake.

Assuming that GP were ever who I thought he was in that first semester of 2000, when I am introduced to him and PP, who he introduced to me as his official partner, what means that he would be a romantic person, faithful, and a HOD, and therefore someone trusted by a major First World nation to be in that position and deal even with international postgraduate students, PP was a prostitute that deserved death: As said on other posts, she was openly flirting and clearly inviting for sexual action a fellow postgraduate male, who, by the way, had an official female partner who she personally knew, inside of our postgraduate computer room at my face in 2000. 

I found out GP had 100 papers plus in the Philosopher's Index in 2001, and therefore, as for what should be, he was one of the most meaningful philosophers of all times. 


PP is not only responsible for several crimes I suffered in Academia and even outside of it since 2000, but she is a main figure in all that has happened to me since that end of 2001. 

The own GP told me that he was still officially married in the UK, and he told me that in the own 2000. 

He had kids that he never or rarely saw, being therefore a horrible father and partner. 

He still had a communist flag on his desk at UQ during work hours, so that every person in his office would see it, just like I did, but Australia is capitalist and democratic and that is therefore, in armed forces jargon, treason. 

He could never be a competent philosopher because he did drugs and was a communist.

He could never be a good Philosophy professor or supervisor, since the main principle of Philosophy is obviously free thinking, but Communism, in its most basic foundations, is made to guarantee the absence of free thinking. 

He still harassed me and conducted himself in a highly unprofessional and unethical manner at almost all times during his dealings with me, episodes witnessed by the entire VUT according to their Joe, since he said that the entire place read our exchange of e-mails in that 2001 (me and Priest's). 

Considering all that, perhaps PP did not deserve death, if we think about what she used to do to him, right? 

You know what I mean? 

What I think is simple: People should be served by human kind in the proportion of their positive contribution to it, so that I deserved the best ever given, but he didn't.

What happens is that he got the best ever given, and I didn't. 

I actually got either the worst or close to that, just like my grandma, my mum, and J. 

There should be a limit for the inversion of things. 

Almost every paper and book published by SSD and GP has a major 'foundational' mistake, and, once more, as I told Trevor in that end of 2001, sinners will never have God's enlightenment. 

You will find out, at the same time, that God's people historically lose as I lost: For horrible crime, for horrible disloyalty. 

This world cannot be, quite sincerely. 

GP was clearly a marginal: On top of all I have already told here, on this post, I found out that J, who had a postgraduate HECS to do PhD with Priest, was a drugs provider for GP's entire group (H, L, and Ry seemed to be the only ones who did not do drugs or attend those parties. I told Trevor that I wanted dealings at most with them in that end of 2001, but I still thought that I needed a PhD for that 2000 and a chair plus a paper with GP to be OK in what regarded injuries that far that he or his group/gang caused), and the way I found out that is being invited for a party and attending. 

I was then being laterally and vertically (cross?) induced to do drugs when I was trying to become a professional researcher, a professional philosopher, a professional academic, and therefore someone who depends entirely on the health of her head.

That that is not a crime against the entire human kind, already that one? 

SSD was a terrorist, and, in my humblest, is responsible for the next-door neighbour at Charnwood Road, the one I think I am sure sent Trevor Skinner (he would have kept in close contact with my mortal enemies from Brazil during the entire time I was at VUT without ever conversing with me about that, and therefore without ever letting me know that he did). 

SSD was connected to at least two terrorists inside of VUT and I left under the highest amount of criminal threat for simply doing everything right and being able to show his mistakes in basic Calculus. 

I am suffering atrocity since then, but SSD, GP, PP, and at least one of the terrorists from Middle East, suffer nothing, and still laugh at my expense all these years. 

Don't you think that there is something wrong with what human kind is doing? 

Shouldn't SSD and GP, plus PP and the terrorists, along with J, be somewhere else and I be there, in their place, together with other God's people (clean, righteous, romantic, idealistic, rational, coherent, compliant, etc.)? 

Sinners will not be blessed by God, and, believe you or not, God is indeed the source of all knowledge, and He only gives to those who are righteous, as I told Trevor back then. 

Of course the sinners may open our heads and steal our ideas, wisdom, knowledge, day and night even, and then say: I now laugh at you, for I enjoyed what God reserved only for you, perhaps as a prize for your previous lives, in your place, but I sinned, I cheated, etc. 

You did everything right, living out of sublimation and sacrifice, you never actually lived, you never actually enjoyed, and you were never actually rewarded: I was rewarded instead. 

Notwithstanding, should we really let this happen? Can't we change that, and make things be what they should be once more? Is it possible that God has to come in person and only then we can, like if so? 

You will see, perhaps in one of the links I here provided, that some of these men, the PTSD ones, wake up crying like babies for recalling the war: Do you really think that we were made to kill each other? 

Wouldn't this man, who wakes up crying upon remembering, be the sanest of all instead of the most mentally ill? What are we doing to him? 

You will read on my blog posts about my scientific power and formation: Do you think that my body was made to be exposed to drugs and marginals? To suffer crime and violation? Would I not be the sanest of all people on earth if I die yelling and trying to reach out for maximum justice and compliance instead of shutting up as everyone else seems to want? What are you doing to me? 

My mum did all I said on my blog posts and she is all I told on them plus more. 

Should she not deserve a perfect life, all sexual and romantic services, best human kind can provide, be it in the shape of a normal man or a paid professional partner? What are you doing to mum? 

After seeing all that I wrote about my grandmother, don't you think that we could at least make her become a saint? What are you doing to her memory? 

What about J? Gs? LR? Le? Ba? ...

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