Thursday, 7 April 2016

Voluntary and Healthy Alienation

Withdrawal brings something about defense mechanisms and they ALSO talk about withdrawal. The aspects of withdrawal that they mention are negative because they are referring to chronic withdrawal perhaps. What I would like to talk about is the healthy and necessary withdrawal, however. 

Do you know how some people practice meditation, which is basically temporary withdrawal, temporarily putting our selves outside of our beings?

That is what I classify as healthy withdrawal if it is done in a moment we can do nothing about what is going on, when we would be crying and collapsing otherwise. 

New Christianity brings more explanations about what I refer to here. 

The source that I mentioned here, the first one, says that 

Withdrawal is one the most severe defense mechanisms because it can lead to feelings of alienation and loneliness, which create more anxiety and pain. Combined with fantasy, withdrawal can paralyze one's life.

I am referring to healthy withdrawal, where we do not go for fantasy, but just keep our self protected somewhere else whilst the extreme violence is taking place. I am also not referring to denial, so that we are not going to deny that that has happened or that that is happening; we are just protecting our inner self, protecting our individuality, by creating some voluntary withdrawal in a moment of need, basically. 

Perhaps here we will find that the excessive use of what I would definitely classify as a Defence Mechanism, Voluntary Temporary Withdrawal, may lead to mental illness: Bad Side

Here is an extract from the just-mentioned source:

Withdrawal consists of retreating into oneself and pulling away from reality in order to take refuge in the world of phantasy or sleep. An easily observable example is an anxious or overstimulated baby that protects itself by going to sleep. This defense allows the individual to escape from a painful reality without distorting it and, unlike other primary defense mechanisms, it doesn't usually create misunderstandings in the interpretation of reality. That said, its excessive use considerably limits the possibility of dealing with reality. 

As a side token, it is possible that this system, of self-alienating, bring addition to the Extended Id. That is perhaps when it becomes dangerous, to the level of the mental illnesses. 

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