Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Reverse Psychology and Catholicism:

The Messages We Receive

Catholicism has actually been responsible for historic atrocities against innocent and incredibly valuable people: all those researchers from Inquisition, all those raped boys from the priests' establishments, and all those girls that have been forced to give birth to kids from their own biological fathers everywhere on earth. 

Some things remain unnoticed by the media, but seem to be clearly noticed in terms of social injury. Just to mention a few examples:

1)    Splitting happy families is a good thing. Taking the father/husband away from them and using for your own purposes when you are a man is a good thing, something that human kind should applaud unconditionally (Jesus got his disciples like that according to the New Testament).

2)     Be passive: Regardless of the news you receive, do nothing. Wait for the current predictions of others to become true because that is the way it should be (Jesus was told that he would be arrested and that Judas was going to ditch him. Even so, he did not run away and he did not defend himself. He simply stayed there to be ditched and arrested). 

3)   Disrespect your father to highest degree, even when that looks insane (Jesus saved Mary Magdalene from being stoned to death, and stoning Mary Magdalene to death would have been the order given by the leaders chosen by his father. Instead of making sure both her and the man would suffer that punishment, he saves her).

4)     Do not work, do not produce, since God will provide (Jesus and his disciples were never seen working on anything whilst together. They actually are told to have multiplied fish and bread by means of miracle).

5)    The way to heavens is crime: Nothing is more effective or quicker (the marginal who was crucified next to Christ's cross is told to have received immediate forgiveness for all his sins and was the only person to have access to Christ from that close in his last moments). 

6)     Do your thing anywhere, at any expense, regardless of what Logic or prudence may tell you (Christ is told to have preached inside of the synagogues. It is just that, in principle, he was not preaching Judaism. One is that the Jews reject Christ in an absolute manner and two is that, were it Judaism, it would be the same religion). 

7)      Invade and destroy third-party property that you never helped build and property that you would never build yourself: Better invading and destroying what exists to praise your proclaimed god than building your own temple, with your own hands, and in your own way. Better that there is nothing to honor and glorify your god than there is something that is not built in your way (Jesus is told to have vandalized the temple built to glorify God for claiming that they were doing business inside of it or something).

8)   Waste and destroy nature, even if it be just for pleasure of commanding (Jesus is told to have asked his disciples to make sure that the people from a certain place would have leaves of a certain tree in their hands as he passed when entering their city).

9)     Destroy the peaceful moments of others, such as their joint meals, just because you can (Christ is told to have said that the apostles were drinking his blood and eating his flesh during their last meal together). Christ could always have escaped his own story about himself and never needed to become meal, first of all.

10)   Never save yourself (Jesus is told to have multiplied bread and fish to feed the famine, to have resurrected the dead because they were his acquaintances and asked or something, to have healed disease that is unhealable, and etc., but he did not save himself from condemnation, crucifixion and human shameful death). 

These are ten atrocities that go straight to our heads via subliminal processes each and every time the New Testament is taught to a new person. 

Perhaps there is more than one reason as to why we should REALLY support the Jews and deny the existence of Christ. One of them might be for the welfare of human kind as a whole. 

What is spread as subliminal via the New Testament, and part is mentioned here, on these ten items, may as well frontally oppose what is stated in the commandments or in the Old Testament, so that the set of teachings may actually be made confusing and conflicting, therefore unreliable, with the inclusion of the New Testament in the book of God.

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