Wednesday, 24 September 2014


A New Technique to Create Ideas

We have developed what we could call hypothesis in the life sciences, but is usually called conjecture in Mathematics, after observing when we create or solve main problems more easily.

It seems that when we have both superego and id off, we can actually create and solve to best.

It is observed that when we think we are going to die, unavoidably, like we are certain we will, and there is nothing else we can do, a fall of insights and ideas appear.

In reflecting upon what mental processes are involved in all, we reached the conclusion that this is a moment in which we do not have either superego or id on.

We refer to situations in which we are willing to die and ready to kill ourselves at any time.

Our id is against that option, naturally. Our superego is also against it, so that the only thing that can be on is our ego if the Freudian theory is considered. If Jung is considered, we still would have the collective unconscious, for instance. If we are considered (our psyche), then we could still have ego, shared ego, shared superego, and shared id.

The way to recreate this moment that generates the fall of insights is then exhaustion, physical exhaustion, just because that is how we end up having situations like the one lived by Olinto Perozzo (our psyche), in which our superego and id are both off.

As we thought of physical exhaustion and education, just to look for something that has already been tried, we recalled the TPR (Total Physical Response) technique. Yet, this technique is about learning whilst moving (inbound), so that it actually has nothing to do with what we talk about, since we want to produce original intellectual tokens with the just-suggested technique (outbound).

The important thing would then be getting our bodies to be really exhausted, to the point of almost dying from exhaustion, in order to get our thinking free of superego and id (Freudian language). 

That must actually be our purest self, if we think well. Of course it could also be a moment of a shared experience, in case we would engage in plagiarist practices.

We notice that we could never be driving, for instance, whilst applying this technique, since we definitely need our id and superego not to have an accident. 

We actually should be doing nothing else apart from sitting somewhere to think after getting ourselves physically exhausted. 

The more we blank our minds, the more chances we will have to get the divine token sent to us. 

We notice that that is a moment in which we think of nobody and nothing else, as if nothing really matters.

We have to be thinking of the problem BEFORE we engage in the activity that will exhaust us physically, not after or during the activity. During the activity, we should be concentrating only on the activity as well. 

We can then think of the problem heavily, forget it in full during our physical activity, and, as we sit to relax after the exhaustion creational process, we should have our insight.

We can call this the TOTAL MENTAL RESPONSE perhaps, since we feel as if it is somehow associated to the TPR technique.




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